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Business Address

Ormonde Mining plc
Bracetown Business Park
Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel:  +353 (0)1 8014184
Web: www.ormondemining.com

Company Details

Full company name: Ormonde Mining plc
Place of registration: Republic of Ireland
Incorporation number: 96863

Registered Address
c/o Smith & Williamson
Paramount Court
Corrig Road
Sandyford Business Park
Dublin 18
D18 R9C7

Company Name

The name Ormonde Mining was derived in 1996 when the company was based in Kilkenny, Ireland. Kilkenny, the only inland city in Ireland and the capital of Ireland for the Gaelic-Norman side during the Confederation – Parliamentarian wars of 1641-1653, was the seat of the Butlers, the Earls of Ormonde and the company name was taken from this head office location.

Ormonde was one of the three kingdoms of Munster, as is depicted by the three crowns on the coat-of-arms of Munster (as shown on the Munster Rugby Club coat-of-arms), the other kingdoms being Desmond and Thomond (as in Thomond Park). These three names, Desmond, Thomond and Ormonde are anglicisations of the Gaelic names, Deas Mhuman, Tuadh Mhuman and Urh Mhuma, which translate, respectively, as South Munster, North Munster and East Munster. Deas Mhuman (Desmond) was originally the kingdom of the MacCarthys, while Tuadh Mhuman (Thomond) was the seat of the O’Brien’s, both kingdoms eventually being subsumed  into the Earldom of Desmond , (the seat of the Fitzgerald’s), and the Earldom of Ormonde, (the seat of the Butler’s).

Consequently a direct translation of Ormonde Mining Plc would be “East Munster Mining Plc”.
In completing the background it should be noted that the name Munster derives from a pre-Christian goddess, Muma. The full English name incorporates the original Gaelic, together with the Norman suffix “-ster”, which is related to the modern French terre, meaning “land”.