Company Background

Ormonde Mining plc was formerly known as Burmin Exploration and Development plc which was incorporated in Ireland as a private limited company on 13 September 1983, Registration No. 96863. The main corporate events in the Company's history are listed below, most recent events first:

  • Ormonde obtains dual listing as shares are admitted to trading on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. Transfer of dealing from the Exploration Securities Market in Dublin to the Irish Enterprise Exchange (IEX).
  • Shares were re-admitted to trading on the ESM of the Irish Stock Exchange following announcement of a proposed fund raising and change to the Board of Directors.
  • Due to lack of funds and activity, the Company was suspended from the Irish Stock Exchange.
  • Original directors and staff of the Company raised funds and commenced exploration in Tanzania and Mexico, the Company being based in Ireland. In June 1995, this group acquired the entire issued share capital of the Company from Sipa for a nominal sum, following which the issued share capital was restructured. On 13 August 1995, the Company name was changed to Ormonde Mining plc. During 1995 to 1999 period several fund raisings were undertaken for gold exploration in Tanzania.
  • Sipa arranged for the Company to sell its non-Australian subsidiaries operating in Ireland and Canada to a consortium of investors.
  • Following the discovery of a Cu-Zn deposit in Western Australia, an Australian quoted exploration company, Sipa, acquired the entire issued share capital of the Company. The Company then transferred all of its Australian interests to Sipa.
  • The Company became the parent company of an exploration group with exploration interests in Ireland, Australia and Canada.
  • The Company explored for gold in Ireland, and in 1987 trading in the Company's shares commenced on the Third Market of the Irish Stock Exchange.
  • Burmin was converted from a private limited company to a public limited company.