Corporate Governance


Rule 26 Corporate Governance Disclosure

The Directors are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance commensurate with the size, stage of development and financial status of Ormonde Mining and its subsidiaries. A description of corporate governance matters is routinely contained within the company’s annual reports and website. In addition, the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Rule 26 requires that each AIM company must include on its website details of the recognised corporate governance code that the Board has chosen to apply, how the company complies with that code, and, in any instance in which it departs from its chosen corporate governance code, an explanation of the reasons for so doing.

Ormonde Mining’s Board uses this as an opportunity to communicate its governance arrangements to the company’s shareholders. The company applies the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) Corporate Governance Code. The QCA Code is constructed around ten broad principles and a set of disclosures that focus on the pursuit of growth in the medium to long-term, and a dynamic management framework accompanied by good communication to promote confidence and build trust.

The document below sets out the principles and application of the QCA Code, and a description of how Ormonde Mining’s corporate governance practices comply, and, where they do not yet comply, provides an explanation.

Brian Timmons
Non-Executive Chairman

This disclosure was last reviewed and updated on 1 December 2021.